Balancing Motherhood

Balancing Motherhood

As a new mom myself, I am constantly trying to find the “perfect” balance – being a mother, a wife, having a career, being a good friend, etc. I laugh at my “pre-mom” self who always thought she was so busy. HA! Busy now has a whole new meaning….and that’s ok!

As mom’s we often guilt ourselves no matter what happens – when you are in mom mode and you feel like you never get any work done….and when we spend extra time working instead of with our children we often #mailfail ourselves. Don’t buy into the little voice that tells you, you aren’t enough – that’s just not true. While there may be a million things that should get gone in a day, remember they don’t have to!

Balancing different titles can be extremely difficult, however, first and foremost we must give ourselves grace and cure that guilt! You are allowed to say “no, thanks” if you are feeling harried and hectic.

Theodore Roosevelt once said, “comparison is the thief of joy.” So why can’t we stop? Knowing that comparison is pretty much inevitable, maybe we learn to use it to our advantage instead. We are all in the same boat. No one can do everything – so celebrate the mom you are and all that you do already do.

Remember, if you are not feeling your personal best, you typically can’t perform the best. Your health and energy matters. You should expect to feel happy and healthy every day, and if you don’t you should seek solutions immediately! You owe it to yourself.

When we are mindful to spend our time in a way that best aligns with both your life priorities and family’s needs we can often strike the cord of harmony. (Easier said than done, I know!) And always remember, there is no wrong way to spend your time. I’m a unicorn mom and I’m happy with this.


Kristin St Clair is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Dietitian with Teacup Wellness, specializing in healthy eating, weight management, and other areas of expertise to help you meet your nutrition and fitness goals.

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