Changing Your Words to Change Your Perspective
This week we’re contemplating the energy conveyed through words. Experiment with using unique, powerful words and add strength and confidence to your communication.
Here is a list of commonly used words and some variations you can use to create a different vibe,

Summer is filled with fresh food, outdoor activities, vacations and soaking up the sun but just like every year before, it must come to an end. School is back in session and the holidays are right around the corner. Halloween candy and pumpkin spice everything are knocking at our door followed by all things turkey and chocolate covered treats at holiday parties.

Nothing exciting happened yesterday. I’m almost 60 years old — I celebrate days where nothing happens. Slipping into a state of nothing to talk about. Sweet oblivion. Is having something to talk about a measure of the success or failure of a day — as if it could be that black and white?

This is a great reminder whenever you are feeling overwhelmed, anxious, frustrated or worried. When you think “why do I even bother, nothing will change.” When you are feeling sad and lonely, remember those moments you made a difference and then go out and make some more people smile.