Change Your Focus

Change Your Focus

Weight loss is a common health and fitness goal. While it’s a noble quest, it’s also vague, sometimes overwhelming, and doesn’t always end with lasting lifestyle changes.

I have a proposition for you — instead of focusing on what the scale says or what size your clothes are, or what part of you jiggles more than you would like it to, try focusing on the small changes you can make every day to achieve your goal.

Focus on moving more every day, even if it’s only three minutes more than yesterday.

Focus on getting outside every day with your kids, spouse, dog or favorite podcast.

Focus on eating a serving of veggies and fruit at every meal.

Focus on incorporating plenty of lean protein into your diet.

Focus on drinking more water.

Focus on dealing with and managing your stress, one “catastrophe” at a time.

Focus on keeping life simple.

Focus on getting to bed earlier at night, preferably without a screen in front of your face.

Focus on being the best human you can be.

Focus on believing in and loving yourself just a little bit more every day.

Focus on enjoying and living your life.

By focusing on all of the little things, you’ll have that many more opportunities to achieve your goals on a daily basis.

By focusing on all of the little things, you’ll have that many more opportunities to make healthful choices.

By focusing on all of the little things, the number on the scale won’t feel as important — but feeling fulfilled as you lay your head down on the pillow at night will feel damn good.


Jen Weir is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Functional Training Specialist, and Certified Personal Trainer with Teacup Wellness.

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