Teacup Wellness Coach Gifting Program

Our Teacup Coaches have agreed to offer services at discounted rates in order to be more affordable to a wider audience, but that means that we really need to make it up through the generosity of people who have a little more disposable income…

After your Teacup Coaching sessions end, you will receive a thank-you email from us with an option to give more if you can (or you can simply use the feature at right to give now).

Your generous Teacup Coach gift will be shared as follows…

  • 70% goes directly to your Teacup Coach
  • 5% goes to the Teacup Coach who helped you find us (which might also be your coach!)
  • 25% goes to Teacup’s Greater Good initiative to help us build and grow and give back to others

What a great way to build up your good karma today!


Coach Gift