A’dri Cerda

Health & Wellness Coach, B.S. in Health Promotion and Wellness from the University of Texas at Austin, Certified Nutrition Therapist, Board-Certified Essential Oil Practitioner

Hello! I’m A’dri Cerda, a board-certified essential oil practitioner, environmental toxins educator, and health and wellness mentor.

I am deeply passionate about changing the way we approach disease by educating individuals about the in’s and out’s of essential oils, environmental toxins and healthy living.

I am on a mission to help others cultivate a deeper understanding of what it means to be truly healthy by:

  • Educating on how to safely, properly, and purposefully incorporate essential oils into your lifestyle to aid with healthy weight loss, immune support, detox, exercise and fatigue as well as more specific health conditions.
  • Empower and encourage you to understand the connection between chemicals in our daily lives and their links to chronic health conditions such as weight gain, metabolic disorders, thyroid disease, infertility, as well as developmental and behavior problems.
  • Equip my clients with the right tools, information, and actionable steps to take to incorporate healthier foods, the right vitamins and supplements, cleaner water, immune system support and adequate amounts of sleep to achieve their health and wellness goals.

Inspiration, empowerment, education and action form the foundation of my coaching programs.

I look forward to accompanying you on this journey and creating a simple healthy lifestyle plan that works for you.


Wellness Programs

Intro to Wellness Session @ $35 offers an affordable entry point to experience first-hand how engaging with me can help you meet your wellness goals.

> Read about our Teacup Wellness Gift Program

Personal Wellness Coaching:

Simple 60 minute coaching session to go over specific and personalized recommendations regarding nutritional deficiencies, healthy meal planning, essential oil recommendations, environmental toxin education and recommendations, weight loss and detox.

60 minute sessions $100

Simple Clean Weight Loss 8-Week Group Wellness Coaching Program:

This program will give you the tools and information you need to lose weight in a healthy, effective, and sustainable way while also educating on how to incorporate healthy lifestyle principles. The 8 week group coaching program provides:

– A Client Health Check Questionnaire
– An Antioxidant Capacity Assessment
– A Nutritional Deficiencies Assessment
– Educational handouts and written reports with your assessments’ results, which we will discuss together at length via email.
– 8 weeks of email support and fine-tuning from me to ensure we understand everything about your unique nutritional needs.
– 2 Food and Symptom Journal records analyzed by myself with recommendations returned via email each week.
– Your personal diet plan with carefully selected foods which are best for your body, comprised of your own top foods and antioxidants shopping lists.
– An in-depth discussion about your meal preferences and the inclusion and exclusion of certain “promoters” and “adversaries” from your diet.
– Specific actions steps to help enhance your antioxidant capacity
– Extensive explanation about the health benefits of your recommended top foods and antioxidant foods
– A Symptom Reassessment relative to your initial Nutritional Deficiencies Assessment
– Specific dietary dos and don’ts to support an adequate absorption of your required nutrients
– Tips for your groceries shopping, food preparation, and cooking
– 1 weekly group coaching session with me each session lasting 60 minutes (done in weeks 2 through 7)
– 2 individual 60 minute coaching sessions with me done during the first week and the last week.
– Session Summary Handouts at the end of each session with your goals for the week, next steps, action points and any recommendations.

Limited to 3 people per group

Maintenence Coaching:

For those who have completed the Simple Clean Weight Loss Program. We will draw up new personalized health and wellness goals, assessments and further personalized recommendations.

30 minute sessions – $50
60 minute sessions – $100

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