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Certificate of Holistic Nutrition Consulting from American College of Heathcare Science

My name is Amber Haag and my passion for holistic nutrition was ignited after facing my own digestive challenges. I made an appointment with my family doctor to discuss my problems, but left feeling discouraged and hopeless. I set out to research why I was having problems and the more I learned the more intrigued I was with the connection between nutrition and health.

I decided to make a huge change not only in my lifestyle and diet, but in my career. I went back to school and studied holistic nutrition consulting at the American College of Healthcare Science. I am extremely passionate about sharing my knowledge of food and helping others make healthier choices in their eating habits.

I do not believe in one size fits all dieting programs. I believe in personalized meal plans, food substitutions that work for not only your budget but your lifestyle, and delicious recipes custom built for you. I want to create an individualized nutrition plan tailored for your specific needs.

I want to find opportunities in your eating habits; giving you personalized, sustainable alternatives that will enhance your quality of life. I want to empower you to be in control of your health and feel supported every step of the way. I want to help you find the best fuel for your body and how it has the power to stabilize your energy, improve digestion and optimize your weight.

I want to help you achieve your dietary goals whether it means losing some weight, getting to the bottom of digestive issues, completing a detox, or simply just needing a nudge down a healthier path. I have many programs to choose from and use an interactive app to keep you on track and encourage you every step of the way. I look forward to helping you achieve your goals!


2-Week Detox Wellness Coaching Program

A strict 2-week plan to reset your body. Can be done individually or in a group setting.

You will have my support throughout the process either in a Facebook group or through an app. A total of 4 hours spent with each of you throughout the process, with daily encouragement and communications.


In-Person Meal Preparation Coaching

I can help you learn how to prepare healthy meals for yourself and your family. Offered in the Denver, Colorado area.


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Coach Reviews

Samantha K

June 27, 2018

After the New Year began, Amber set up a Facebook page to assist in getting a group of us back on track with eating healthy and feeling better with our bodies. She did a WONDERFUL job at providing well detailed options for meal plans and provided substitutes for anything we didn’t like or snack options if we were hungry between meals. I am an active runner and work two/three jobs and am a single mom. I constantly found myself never being able to find consistent good food options to go to each day and losing interest or energy to make them by the end of my days. This program we did together really helped me to formulate meals and prep them ahead of time so that I can enjoy my food knowing it is good for me, and my body. So the protein helped to give me more energy to get through the day, and by the time I got home I wasn’t dog tired, ready to snack on bad carbs before hitting the sack. I felt more focused and cognitively better. Amber also provided a lot of moral support during this time to check in on us and see how we were doing with the change and how our bodies were feeling. It made me feel comfortable that she was taking it seriously, which helped me to take it seriously in return. Thanks again Amber!

Nicole K

June 27, 2018

I did feel really good while on the detox after the sugar cravings slowed down. I was waking feeling rested even without an alarm and many days didn't even miss coffee! I noticed a few other positive changes as well. I lost 8 lbs which was shocking! I am going to try to keep some of the new habits.

Mike E

June 27, 2018

Changing my diet has completely changed the way I feel! Amber made the changes easy and affordable.

Melissa V

June 27, 2018

My family loved the recipes. I found new staple dishes that are easy to prepare and delicious.

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