Carole Conner

BS Mental Health and Human Services, MA Clinical Counseling, Certified Medical Case Manager, Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation, Therapist, Founder and Director of "The Good Earth Institute" and the "Healing with Nature" program


As a Holistic Counselor, Therapist and Coach with over 25 years experience in Community-based agencies, home health, medical facilities and private practice, my experience includes a vast array of skills and tools to enhance your coaching experience.

Traditionally trained with degrees from Kent State University, Franciscan University, and Southern Christian University in both Business and Counseling, I blend science based clinical practice with holistic mindful teachings and natural healing.

As Founder and Director of The Good Earth Institute, I advocate “Healing with Nature” as much as possible, paired with traditional medical and nutrition science to give you sessions that will truly change the path you are on.

We will start from where you are and take you where you want to be. Completely discreet and confidential guidance and/or coaching to enhance personal and physical wellness or manage stressful situations that require a different approach. Throughout my career I have helped thousands of clients find the life they desired.

This is Truly About You
This is your time, your session, your investment. Spend it wisely. You will never pass this way again so use it to have the life you want. It may not matter to anyone else, but it matters to you and it matters to me.

Invest in the Experience You Need for Change
Providing clients with the very best in therapy, coaching and consulting for over 30 years has been my gift and passion. From holding the hands of my Hospice patients, to working with our most honored Veterans in my Equine Therapy program, I have seen and felt the needs of others, helping them work through Life’s most challenging situations and helping them find a positive outcome.

The Best Version of You
Would you like a more fulfilling life, but don’t know where to turn? Have you considered coaching, but don’t want to take the traditional route. Let’s explore your path together. Unique methods using your creative power to bring about the successful outcomes you desire.

Would you like a new career, but don’t know where to start? Do you desire glowing health? Deeper Spirituality? Better Relationships? Are you indecisive about something and unable to take action?

Start here, Start today, I will tailor a program to fit your needs.

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