Hollie Conger

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Certified Health & Wellness Coach, B.S. Integrative Health Care

Hollie partners with her clients on their voyage toward positive growth and change that lasts. Her intuitive skills and empathic nature act as gentle guides to ease the client into their greatest potential.

With her degree focused in alternative medicine, Hollie is dedicated to shifting the healthcare paradigm to one that prevents disease and promotes vitality. She feels blessed to have landed herself in a field of work that aligns with her passion for cultivating wellness in others.


Wellness Coaching Programs

  • Intro to Wellness Session @ $35 offers an affordable entry point to experience first-hand how engaging with me can help you meet your wellness goals.

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  • Personal Coach 1-Hour Session: $50
    This is a great option for those who are seeking a change in their health and wellbeing, but are not ready for a commitment to a program. In the first session, together we will assess where you are and what you want to accomplish. We will take a holistic look into your current lifestyle, increasing self-awareness and determining what the next step is toward positive change.


  • Personal Self-Exploration Coaching 3-Pack: $200
    (1 hour sessions)
    Sometimes we need help getting back on the horse. Other times we need an entirely new mode of travel. This 3-session program is perfect for those who want to explore, dream-up, and design habits that work for them as unique individuals. I will ask questions like, “what truly is your favorite way of moving your body?”. If you are ready for a change, but have not yet found an approach that sticks, I can help you find motivation and inspiration that comes from within.


  • Personal Coach 3-Month Wellness Journey: $400
    (10 sessions @ 30-min each)
    One of the main reasons for having a wellness coach is to succeed in lifestyle change that lasts. In order to do so, the client must address habits that may be holding them down, and make proper adjustments to better serve their wellbeing. On average, it takes more than 2 months before a new habit becomes automatic. This is why most coaches ask their clients to commit for at least 3 months if they want to sustain a better life, long-term. We will meet on a weekly basis for the first two months and bi-weekly for the third month. (Introductory session is one hour long).


  • Personal Coach 6-Month Wellness Journey: $800
    (20 sessions @ 30 min each)
    The longer a coaching relationship lasts, the deeper work on Self can occur. In time, the new habits you create for yourself will become automatic, and the transformation of you will set in. The next step is the endeavor of introspection. During this 6-month journey, we will create a close coach-client connection, allowing for spiritual elements and emotional health to be examined and utilized. Here is where the true healing of you sets in.


  • Personal Coach 1-Year Journey: $1,500
    (Weekly 30-min sessions)
    Though everyone can benefit from wellness coaching, a year with me is especially beneficial for those who need maximum sustainable support in order to make a drastic shift in their health. For true continuous health and wellbeing to take place, we must utilize the holistic approach, which employs the physical, emotional, and spiritual elements to heal. We will explore healing techniques, emotional awareness, and ways to reduce stress.Long-term coaching may benefit those who wish to:

    • Remiss or prevent diabetes, heart disease, obesity, or any other lifestyle disease
    • Heal holistically from an illness or disease
    • Reduce or eliminate use of prescription drugs
    • Be liberated from addiction
    • Explore self-actualization

Please book with me using the links above right. As your ally, I am so excited to step into action with you!

Coach Reviews

Amelia E.

May 1, 2018

When I met Hollie I was 77 yrs old, retired RN, a widow for 21 years, already thru several serious health issues but still have a positive attitude!! How could this young health coach help me? Well I am extremely happy that I met with Hollie for over a year. She taught me so much, such as writing goals down and making them realistic and staying focused and so much more !! Hollie has made a very positive impact in my life!!

Paul S.

June 1, 2018

Having someone to be accountable to has been an eye opener for me. Setting goals, and trying to meet those goals has helped me not only in a physical, but also spiritual realm. Sleep and stress continue to be a issue in my everyday life, but having someone to coach me and to bounce ideas off of has been key to new ways of thinking.

Ashley T. (Wellness Coaching Instructor)

July 1, 2018

Hollie, I just listened to your [coaching] session. Beautiful! Your client gave you so many twists and each time you knew to stick to your strengths. This was huge! I kept writing notes on how to handle the situation at hand and your voice would come through with an even better solution. It was refreshing to see a student teaching me it was okay. I didn't have to worry about the client because she was in such great hands. Not going to lie, I teared up a little.


August 28, 2018

Hollie has helped me so much in exploring what is at the top of my importance list. As a mom of several kids sometimes I get lost in the mix with all of the day to day things happening in my world. She has coached me through undergrad and now again as I'm in grad school and has been instrumental in helping me keep my ducks in a row as I seek to meet some very lofty goals. Her sessions are insightful and thought provoking and her open and empathetic demeanor really sets a comfortable non-judgmental atmosphere for me to not only set high goals but to also reset and start again if I didn't quite meet them. I highly recommend Hollie to others as she is quite skilled in what she does. I really appreciate that she is not only good at what she does but has an actual education in Lifestyle and Wellness coaching from an accredited university. Her sessions are not just about positive affirmations and dreaming big but are also grounded in the science behind creating change. Truly life changing!

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