Julie Renner

American Council of Exercise Health Coach (ACE); Coronary Health & Plant Based Nutrition-Associate Director, CHIP Certified; Advanced Personal Trainer, AFTA; Endurance Athletic Nutrition, AFTA

Working together for weight loss/management, stress and lifestyle management through all that your life is bringing your way.

Having worked with hundreds of companies and employee populations since the late ’90s, I have encountered more real stories then most people hear in a lifetime, and I have coached real people through real life issues like dealing with aging parents, divorce, new job responsibilities, cross-country moves and more.

It is my pleasure to be included on these sometimes very difficult journeys where I am happy to help people remember and include their ultimate lifestyle goals of balance and good health in their daily choices. No judgements from me, after all we are on these journeys together.

There will be plenty of ‘in forward motion’ style coaching and Teacup Wellness moments.

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