Karen Brown


The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the word health as a condition of sound body, mind, and spirit. We are all on our own paths of transpiration! I use the word transpiration because transpiration is the definition of what my practice is all about.

To become known, to develop, to be revealed, to come to light, are a few phrases used by the said dictionary for describing what it means to transpire. I help people to personify their personal picture of health (say that 3 times real fast ??).

With 25 years of practicing allopathic medicine behind me as an RN, I take that precious experience and knowledge from my past as I look forward each day to serving others through the practice of whole person health care.


Wellness Programs

Intro to Wellness Session @ $35 offers an affordable entry point to experience first-hand how engaging with me can help you meet your wellness goals.

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Wellness Coaching

Personal Coaching 1-Hour Session: $120/hour

Personal Coaching 3-Session Package: $324

Group Social Coaching 1-Hour Session: $60

Group Social Coaching 3-Pack 1-Hour Sessions: $162

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