Kristen Mercurio

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BA- Special Education with Reading and ESOL Endorsements, MS- Special Education, Florida and Tennessee licensed teacher, Master's courses in business management, leadership, and life coaching

As a child, I envisioned traveling to 3rd world countries helping build the communities, educate, and bring people together while learning from others and connecting with others from around the world.

My vision led me to work with victims of sexual assault, working within the prison with incarcerated adults, at-risk youth, and children and adults with disabilities in the school’s system and my community.

My personal life experiences with diverse cultures, religious backgrounds, ethnicities and family dynamics allow me to remain open-minded and non-judgmental.

I have worked with single parents, extended families, LGBT families, step-parents and foster parents, and children and adults living in group homes, rehab facilities, halfway houses, homeless shelters, and incarcerated.

Through my professional experience I have coached other teachers, supported and encouraged children and adults, created and helped develop business plans and 5 year plans, managed dangerous and unruly behaviors, but more importantly I have made lasting relationships, connections, and helped others find their strength, work towards a goal, and ultimately move closer to finding peace in their relationships with others, in their own life, peace with themselves, and peace moving forward in their journey towards goals and their desired futures.

Through a client-centered approach, my coaching style lies entirely in the needs of my clients, their learning style, and the modality they feel most comfortable with!

Through personal inventories, goal setting and planning, value assessments, visualization and positive encouragement, clients work towards their goals by focusing on the end goal, using the support of a mentor and coach, and developing their weaknesses into strengths through acceptance, determination, and a mutually agreed upon end goal result— PEACE!

Coach Reviews

Melanie, 2017

June 27, 2018

Kristen Mercurio has a wealth of knowledge in various coaching domains. She is encouraging, engaging, and builds strong relationships. Clients can FEEL how much she cares about their happiness, health, and progress towards their goals. It is a great feeling knowing you are supported, respected, and to have someone that genuinely sees the SHINE in your even when you may not or hit roadblocks.

Karen, 2015

June 27, 2018

Coach M’s determination and drive is contagious. Her positivity, encouragement, and use of visualization and goal setting techniques are certainly “buy-in” qualities that are not scripted but instead right from the heart. She’s like a breath of fresh air but one that keeps you on your toes, makes you smile, and can make you laugh at her, at yourself, and embrace your inner child.

University Student, China 2018

June 27, 2018

Kristen is a beautiful person inside and out. Her bubbly personality, facial expressions, tone of voice, and the way she interacts with you makes you feel welcomed, supported, and valued.

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