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Certified Health Coach, Family Wellness Coaching, Pregnancy Wellness and Adult and Senior Wellness.

Hi, I’m Mary and my passion for holistic health and wellness began when I was in college and realized I had to do something about my weight.

You see, I was 60 lbs overweight due to lack of exercise, a poor diet, and lack of knowledge about what I was putting in my body.

So that’s when my journey to regaining my health began. Some years later, my firstborn was diagnosed with Failure to Thrive, Sensory Processing Disorder and ADHD.

Through the many therapies, including feeding therapy and my own research, I realized that what I was feeding my body was not exactly healthy (fat-free yogurt laden with sugar etc.) I adopted a totally new way of eating and coached myself and my son back to health.

Now, I want to empower you to do the same thing.

There is a lot of confusion about different methodologies out there and it can be extremely overwhelming.

Whether you are trying to regain your health, the health of your children or parent a child with special needs, I have the experience and the passion to help you on your journey to health and wellness for you and your family.


Wellness Programs

Intro to Wellness Session @ $35 offers an affordable entry point to experience first-hand how engaging with me can help you meet your wellness goals.
Wellness Coaching
Join me for a personal journey to improve your nutrition and overall wellness.
  • $50 for 30-min Session
  • $100 for 60-Min Session
  • $270 for Monthly Packages*
Group Sessions on Family Nutrition
The 7 Week Group Coaching program will be as follows:
Child Health Assessment Form
(7) 60 minute Nutrition and Wellness Coaching Classes
Week 1:  Orientation and Traffic Light Eating
Week 2:  Brainy Breakfast and the Best Grains
Week 3:  Veggies and Fruits
Week 4:  The Skinny on Fats
Week 5:  Power up on Protein
Week 6:  Water your Body and Menu Planning
Week 7:  Summary, Review and Q & A
Monthly Packages
We will meet 1 time a week for 1 hour per week and dive into your greatest health concern.  Let’s knock this out together.  You need a coach in your corner and I am the right coach to motivate you to make the changes that are necessary for you to see and feel the difference.
Please use buttons above right for booking sessions with me.

Coach Reviews

Tracy M

June 27, 2018

As I discussed my son’s eating preferences with Mary, her passion for helping others was evident from the beginning. She listened intently as I explained the situation with my son’s fixation with certain foods and she followed with questions in order to fully understand our situation. She was able to draw on her own knowledge, experiences and training as she laid out a plan for next steps for us to follow. She provided a number of resources that have been invaluable to my family. With Mary’s guidance, my son has already expanded his diet and embracing the changes that we have incorporated. Thank you Mary for helping our family overcome a challenging situation we have been working on for years!!.

Mindy S

June 27, 2018

I am so grateful to have Mary's guidance in my life. Even though my 6 year old son has never been formally diagnosed with any disorder, we have experienced some behavior issues that could be explained as symptoms of ADHD and Anxiety. Mary shared her experience as a mom as well as her wealth of knowledge about the things that I could do to help my son and my whole family. Since implementing many of her recommendations, I have noticed some improvements in his behavior as well as his ability to focus in school. One such improvement with his schoolwork is a noticeable improvement with reading and writing. As a first grader, he seemed to be on track academically, but he was not enjoying it which was holding him back. He has been reading beautifully lately and not getting as frustrated when he needs to sound out a big word. He also has been trying to learn cursive writing on his own where before he ""hated"" his handwriting and said the other kids made fun of it as being the worst in the class. Now, he is excited to practice writing his name in cursive. Makes my momma heart proud. Thank you so much Mary.

Brandi S

June 27, 2018

Before working with Mary, I didn't know where to start with helping my son with ADHD. There are so many articles and advice my head was spinning. Working one on one with an understanding mom, who is also educated and has lots of experience was key because she was able to break it down step by step with me, and trouble shoot as well. You can't get that from the world wide web or others opinions that vary on Facebook. We had used some essential oils before but after using them the way Mary helped me discover, I saw a BIG difference when we used them vs. not! With Mary's help, my son and I are working together to help him nutritionally and naturally, without the stress because Mary has helped me find what works for us!

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