Maya Cordova

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Health & Wellness Coach, Song Carrier, Mentor

Hello and welcome! I am here as a Holistic Health & Wellness Coach to support you on a beautiful journey of learning, growing, and healing. It is my deepest honor to assist you in creating empowering lifestyle practices, connecting deeply to your sensuality and inner voice, all the while taking steps towards offering your innate gifts into the world.

I specialize in supporting women to find greater health and vitality, clarity on your life path, and a deep connection to your body wisdom and womb.

I have a very compassionate and intuitive approach as a guide for women as you awaken to your potential and nurture your creative bundles of gifts that are so ready to be birthed on the planet at this time.

I offer 1-on-1 Intuitive/Health & Wellness Coaching Sessions, In-Person “Womb Songs” Workshops, and Group Mentoring for women and young girls. I specialize in:

  • Holistic Health Coaching: Understanding Nutrition and Cleansing for greater energy and vitality; Creating healthy and empowering lifestyle practices
  • Intuitive Coaching & Visioning to gain clarity, insight, and direction
  • Somatic Connection & Emotional Awareness for healing
  • Womb Songs: Helping you connect to the wise voice of the feminine within; Sharing your creative expression through song, ritual, and sisterhood
  • Sexuality in Reverence: Develop a deeper connection with your body, with Love and ritual, and to all life
  • Meditation & Earth-Based Rituals
  • Goal Setting & Intuitive Aligning with your creative purpose and path
  • Group Facilitation for women: strengthening the sisterhood, sharing our voices in song, creating sacred space to support one another through dialogue and presence. Gather to sing, move, and offer prayers to the waters.
  • Group Facilitation for young girls: understanding our body and natural cycles, empowering puberty, connecting with nature, arts and crafts, creating music and dance, and understanding the beauty of sisterhood.

Celebrating your fullest expression <3


Coach Reviews

Lauren G. Maui Hawaii

June 27, 2018

Maya is an incredible guide, mentor, and teacher. She embodies the essence of the divine feminine with grace, poise, and remembrance. Working with Maya has helped me in so many ways. She has helped me to remember the Taoist Sacred Sensuality practices, and has guided me to tune more fully into my body, my heart and awareness of my womb. As a participant in Maya's workshops, I've gained profound clarity around my sacred sensuality, and confidence to embody my light more fully. I highly recommend working with Maya, either through 1 on 1 sessions, workshops or retreats. She is a true light and a teacher of teachers!

Rachel K. Maui, Hawaii

June 27, 2018

If you get to have the pleasure of working with Maya Cordova, you will soon recognize her acute power and presence, a joy unmatched by people that I have worked with in the past. Her coaching sessions are unique in the energy she puts forth, always inspiring her clients to dream with more detail, to really give themselves permission to go there, to visualize, touch, taste their dreams. I was lucky enough to work with Maya recently, and our sessions brought so much clarity to my own dreams and visions while also giving me the space and safe listening ear to process what was no longer working in my life. By allowing me to let go, Maya's gentle coaching allowed me to sink deeper into the vision of the life that I wanted to create for myself. She also is such a genuine person and wants for you what you want for yourself as much as you do! She is a great person to have on your team, helping hold you accountable while supporting you to value your dreams. When I leave a session with Maya, I feel lighter, brighter, and more aware. I would encourage anyone - dreamers, artists, seekers - to work with her if they'd like to gain more insight and clarity.

Melanie S Maui Hawaii

June 27, 2018

Maya's workshops will take you to places in your body that you never thought you could go...physically, emotionally and spiritually. They are both educational and experiential. Going on these sacred journeys as a group of tribal sisters creates a sacred space that inspires vulnerability and deep heart connections. You will find yourself experiencing a freedom of expression in areas that once seemed mysterious and somewhat taboo, which is a bit peculiar, as the womb is one of the most sacred places in our bodies that is both life giving and a source of tremendous pleasure! I strongly encourage every woman to embrace the sensual, passionate and wild aspects of womanhood by awakening all of the senses through working with Maya. You will open up whole new ways of relating with yourself, as well as creating new opportunities for intimacy physically & emotionally with others.

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