PRIDE 2018: Respect, Recognition, and Room for Us All

PRIDE 2018: Respect, Recognition, and Room for Us All

June is LGBTQ Pride month and it seems to carry even more significance in our current political climate.  It feels more important than ever to stand up and be counted.

A good friend of mine reminded me earlier this month that although Pride has become more routine, he remembers when “kids” (that’s what he called them, he’s around my age) didn’t have a Pride celebration to attend.  He reminded me this is still a vitally important occasion.

While this is my opinion, it seems we are living with an extremely reactive political administration that views human rights as more of a guideline or a suggestion rather than the inalienable rights we are all born with.

They play to the basest desires of the public in an attempt to stay in power, which frequently means directing hatred and intolerance toward those somewhat different than them.

Pride is a time when we can all stand up and make ourselves known and demand better from our government and our neighbors.  This makes Pride of all kinds important, particularly among those who have been marginalized.

What does this have to do with coaching?  Pride has everything to do with coaching.  We support people.  We help people become the best versions of themselves.

When our clients come to us for help, we help them stand up a little taller. Helping people reach their full potential frequently leads to them helping others do the same.  Pride is also a reminder of united we stand, divided we fall.  We are, in fact, in this together.  Unity and mutual respect will do more for our culture than rampant divisiveness.

Pride means celebrating who we truly are.  The spirit of Pride extends to those who may or may not be under the LGBTQ umbrella.  The spirit of Pride should also include being appreciative and respectful to those different than us.

We are Americans and we are a nation of immigrants who originally grew strong because of our differences.  Celebration of diversity should be one of our core values as a nation.

Let’s commit to supporting each other.  Make it a conscious priority to give everyone the space and respect they deserve to be who they truly are.

Recognize judgment and prejudice as the archaic and outmoded behaviors they truly are.  I guarantee there is more than enough room for all of us.

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