Stroll through the quiet woods while enjoying the deep tones of a symphony of chimes…

Teacup Wellness Retreats

Teacup Wellness Retreats are created to help you re-center your thinking about your life and your intentions.

Our all-day retreats are held at a charming cabin property near Hartsel, Colorado (about an hour from Breckenridge, less than two hours from Denver).

We focus on nature and holistic wellness, with a variety of themes planned. Attendance limited to a small group of no more than 10 adults.

Your certified Teacup Wellness coaches have educational and inspiring events planned for you throughout the day, or you can wander off on your own to enjoy the peaceful surroundings at your own pace.

Some of the topics we’ll cover include Feminine Power, Positive Lifestyle Changes, Raising Healthy Families, and more (each day can be customized according to our guests’ preferences).

All Teacup Cabin Retreat Events

We look forward to having you meet our wonderful and inspiring coaches through our series of informative coaching events.

Please contact to inquire about scheduling a retreat with us.

We invite you to come enjoy the endless beauty of Teacup’s Cabin Retreat.

Some comments from our guests…

“I feel the spirit of the wolf here, wandering wild in a wild place” 

“This is the cutest cabin ever” 

“Beautiful rain storm passed through – feel lots of love in this cabin” 

“This place is magical” 

“What a beautiful cabin in an extraordinary location” 

“What a place to call home! We loved the warm hospitality” 

“The natural beauty here is so powerful, with views to dream of” 

“Thank you for sharing your hideaway paradise”

“What a wonderful place – the peace and quiet were just what I needed”

“Loved the walks on your charming nature trails”

“The little sunroom is just magical”

“I feel rejuvenated after being here”

“I’ll never get used to the beauty out here in Hartsel”

“The chimes fill the air… hygge is very present here”

“It’s hard to express the joy and wonder and awe I felt while being here”

“Sweet sunroom, comfy cabin”

“Relaxing and quiet, a natural retreat”

“It has been so peaceful and rejuvenating to be here with you”

“Living the dream”