Explore the wellness benefits of marijuana in a beautiful and serene setting…

About Teacup’s 420-Friendly Retreats

Teacup’s retreats are 420-friendly, which means we are open to having our adult guests consume cannabis/marijuana via smoking or edibles (please bring your own). More info about the term “420-friendly” can be found here.

Our wellness coaching during each retreat includes a session on the value of CBD and THC (the active ingredients in pot) for reducing pain and stress, mitigating disease and symptoms of disease, boosting creativity, and more.

Teacup coaches with experience in these topics explore various aspects of its use, including…

  • Understanding the components of marijuana
  • How CBD differs from THC
  • Benefits of using each alone, or blended

At Teacup Wellness, we believe cannabis should be legal for recreational and medicinal use throughout the United States.

We also believe cannabis should be readily available for conducting large-scale medical and clinical studies to help us understand the many ways in which it can be beneficial for people in need of alternatives to traditional medicine.

To be able to properly study the benefits and effects of cannabis, it must first be de-scheduled at the federal level, which is being called for across many levels of society and politics.

We look forward to exploring cannabis-related health and wellness topics with you during our Teacup Retreats.

If you have any questions, please email anne@teacupwellness.com.

We invite you to come enjoy the endless beauty of Teacup’s Cabin Retreats.