Connect with your natural grace while stretching your body and your mind…

About BodyFlow Motion

Our retreats are focused on connecting with nature and with ourselves.

As spiritual beings having a physical experience, we include time in our retreats to connect with our physical wellbeing through a new kind of gentle and graceful stretching movement we call BodyFlow Motion.

In today’s hectic world, many of us struggle to find time for exercise. We might fit in a little cardio by walking, running, and cycling, but unless we do yoga, Tai Chi, or some other movement practice, we can miss out on the amazing benefits of stretching and moving our bodies through space.

Yoga and Tai Chi can be wonderfully gentle ways to improve strength, balance, and flexibility, but many people are intimidated by the poses and memorizations required. Ballet and other forms of dancing can seem off-limits for us regular folks. Even the benefits of popular dancing are often missed out on because people think, “I have no rhythm” or “I can’t dance”.

With these limitations, many people lose touch with their bodies and miss out on the wellness benefits of graceful stretching and movement. We often discover that our flexibility has been compromised only after we try to reach for something and receive a twinge of pain instead.

BodyFlow Motion offers a simple way to connect with our bodies without having to memorize complex poses or feel inadequate against our more flexible and experienced classmates.

You will discover how to open your body and your spirit while re-connecting with your natural grace through gentle movements that respect your limitations. Quietly inspirational music helps promote mindfulness as you flow through the motions.

As you listen to your body, you will recognize what feels good and naturally want to do more of it. With our open and flexible approach, you are encouraged to hold positions or move on only when you feel ready.

Stretching not only helps keep our muscles toned and our balance optimized, it also keeps our blood vessels and tendons flexible and youthful. When we stretch, we promote healthy movement of our lymphatic fluid to help fight infection and detoxify our bodies. Gentle movement also improves the flow of synovial fluid to lubricate our joints.

There is nothing to memorize and no competition since you are simply moving your body according to your inner guidance. Your BodyFlow Motion leader will help you learn how easy these movements can be, so you can go do it on your own or join one of our online BodyFlow Motion classes [updated schedule to come].

We look forward to having you join us at one of our upcoming Teacup Retreats.

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We invite you to come enjoy the endless beauty of Teacup’s Cabin Retreats.