First Teacup Coaches Now Online

First Teacup Coaches Now Online

After countless pots of espresso herbal tea, we are finally ready to invite you to check out our first Teacup Coaches and the many targeted wellness topics they cover, including…

In the coming days and weeks, we will be welcoming more coaches, who will be covering an even broader array of wellness topics that will be of interest and relevance to many of you.

Is wellness coaching for you?

When we strip away all the hype and listen to our bodies and our higher selves, we discover that our inner wellness knowledge has been there all along.

We each know what we need to do, but we can easily get sidetracked and derailed by weight-loss gimmicks, conflicting news reports about what is good for us, and the influence of well-meaning friends and family who want to see us get healthier but aren’t sure how they can help.

As we repeatedly see how our coachesʼ clients rave about their results, we can say with confidence that having a personal wellness coach can help you successfully navigate your own wellness journey. 

We also believe that wellness is not the absence of illness, but a holistic feeling of wellbeing.

Our holistic approach to personal health coaching involves looking at your food choices, stress levels, financial wellness, relationships, work-life balance, sleep patterns, exercise, exposure to nature and positive experiences, and many other variables. 

We believe that the key to improving in one area tends to involve looking at the full spectrum of factors that affect our overall wellness and happiness.

Of course we only touch on each of these areas with your willingness and engagement, and you can rest assured that we treat each client with complete respect and confidentiality.

In addition to one-on-one personal coaching, Teacup Wellness also offers group coaching, which may be suitable for someone testing the waters, or who may prefer a more collaborative approach within a team setting.

We call it “social coaching,” and it enables people to take advantage of the wisdom of others, while learning and advancing under the facilitation and guidance of a certified health and wellness coach.

How does Teacup Wellness Coaching work?

All of our coaches offer virtual sessions, so busy people can fit wellness coaching into their daily lives by simply having access to a laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

But if you are more comfortable with just a telephone call, you always have that option.

In addition to global virtual coaching, we will also be offering in-person workshops and classes. We will publish information about those as soon as they become available in various communities.

View Teacup’s full spectrum of offerings here.


Curious about how we came up with our coaching rates?
Please see this article on our site.

Thanks and hope to see you soon!

Be well.

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