For Today…. I Will Keep My Inner Peace

For Today…. I Will Keep My Inner Peace

When I first began coaching, teaching, and working within my community, I realized there were days I needed more encouragement.

Some days I thought—Everyone is busy, miserable, cranky, stressed… can’t we STOP and pause for a second? I want a remote for life, like in the movies, where I can just PAUSE life for a second to give us all a break!

When I realized my dream of a remote control for our day-to-day stress would probably never happen in my lifetime, I started sending morning quotes of the day to all the contacts in my phone.

Every morning I would find a quote that I felt I needed to hear for the day or wanted as a reminder of the day. After a while, it became a routine. There was a period in my life where I was raising 2-3 foster children, added sports, working full-time, running my own business, and taking care of my disabled spouse at the time and my morning quotes became less frequent.

A few contacts reached out to me and said, “are you going to start the quotes again soon? do you think I could take over until you are ready to send the quotes again?” It was so great to hear people responding positively to the morning thought or quote of the day! It was amazing to hear other people take on the responsibility— the chosen responsibility and desire to motivate other people and keep themselves motivated.

Since my first “morning quote” technology has come a long way! Today, I post the quote with a short commentary on Snapchat, which is then shared on my Twitter. I create a visual with the quote and daily reminder to post on We Chat and Facebook. Finally, at the end of the day, I write a blog reflection for the quote, how it relates to my life, or how it can relate to our lives.

Typically, I blog 3-4 times per week, depending on my schedule but my Snaps, Tweets, and Facebook posts are daily! So many friends, family members, students, and clients enjoy the daily motivation.

I have scheduled my day, rearranged my schedule, and have chosen to incorporate it into my morning routine. When I post the thought or quote of the day I let it serve as a reminder to me throughout the day. I try to LIVE the message for that day. It’s only ONE day, right? If it doesn’t feel right, I don’t have to do it tomorrow!

Today’s quote that I needed/wanted to hear for the day: “Do not let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace”—Dalai Lama

All too often, we can allow the intense emotions, words, or energy from other people into our lives. Keeping that door open, allows our inner peace to be subject to destruction and chaos. For today, I choose not to let the behavior of others destroy my inner peace.

What that looks like, feels like, and sounds like may be different from person to person. Perhaps watching the news, listening to the reports on television destroys my inner peace– I would choose not to watch the news, for today. Perhaps one particular co-worker makes work challenging or tends to complain and my energy level suffers— I would make plans or think ahead as to how I could not allow his/her attitude and behaviors to ultimately impact my inner peace.

Remember: We have control over our happiness or chaos. Happiness/Chaos. Happiness/Chaos. Peace/Chaos. The answer seems so obvious but somehow inner peace seems farther and farther away from the more we let it slip away from us when we choose to engage in behavior or let the behavior of others destroy it! We have control and today we will keep our inner-peace.

The behavior of others— drivers on the road, husband/wife, children, neighbors, the person that gave you a dirty look, the person that talked to you like a child, the person chewing with his/her mouth open across the room— Whatever behavior it is that is possibly destroying your inner peace— For today, choose not to let the behaviors of others destroy your inner peace. Try it on, for one day.

Tell me how it feels!

I can’t wait to hear from you. I want to hear all about it. Was it hard? Was it easy? Were there any behaviors that were particularly challenging to avoid or overlook?

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Remember, just for today…. keep your eye on your goal and close your eyes, ears, heart, and head to any behaviors (even personal behaviors) that jeopardize your inner peace! Imagine the sense of inner peace you could feel at lunch? during rush hour traffic? It is possible! For today, you will make it possible! You got this!


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