Today: I Will Love Myself More

Today: I Will Love Myself More

For today, let’s start the year over!

I read an inspirational question that encouraged us to ask ourselves:

What if I devoted this year to loving myself more?

What if?!

A New Year’s resolution doesn’t define our year and progress all the time. We can start a new resolution, goal, or life change anytime! We don’t have to wait until the following year. Imagine that!

Maybe we didn’t lose 1 pound a month like we wrote down on December 31st. Maybe we haven’t quit smoking and our quit date was January 1st. Does that mean we wait until the end of the year to try again? I don’t know about you, but for me, I don’t want to waste the valuable time I have from May-December planning on setting a goal. I want to set the goal and jump start, re-start, and change my life today. It seems great for next year as a resolution— it does! It seems even better to start today rather than in 6-7 months.


What if starting today, everything you do, think, or believe stems from a place of self-love. What would that look like? How would you act differently? Think differently? Approach all people differently? Approach situations differently?

If you need to write down some ideas, that is a great start!

For me, when I start to feel overwhelmed or frustrated I stop and think: am I loving myself right now? This is REALLY stressing me out! How can I approach this person/situation/ event/ idea from a place of self-love? How can I do that RIGHT NOW? Sometimes that means giving it away— letting go— forgiveness— acceptance— meditation— doing something you love to do instead of that thing that is bothering you or causing stress. Even parenting and responding to children, regardless of their age—am I approaching this situation with self-love? What about the child? If the child approached the situation and considered how it was hurting or helping them, would they view it differently?

Dimensions or layers of self-care and self-love

Physical – Are we taking care of all our physical needs? Health/wellness?

  • Suggestions: exercise, hug and be affectionate with others, spend more time with your pet, clean or organize, dance, sit outside, walk, job, get a massage or spend physical time with another person, ensure the foods you eat are helping ensure optimum health and physical wellness, coach/trainer/nutritionist

Intellectual – Are we challenging our intellect, engaging with people that smart our curiosity and intellect, are we growing as a person and continuing to grow and learn?

  • Suggestions: take a course, attend a library class, take a free course at a local hardware store or fabric store, draw, write, read a book, step away from technology, learn something new you’ve always wanted to learn or try

Social – Are we socializing? Are we closing ourselves off? Are we attracting the kind of people into our lives we really want? Do we appreciate and value the individuals in our social network? Are we giving away too much of our time to certain people and their drama/problems/ or negativity? Is it affecting our social layer of personal self-care and wellness?

  • Suggestions: spend time with others that are uplifting, motivating, and encouraging. Call friends or family you haven’t spoken to in a while, meet new friends, join a community meetup or group. Get involved at work or be part of a team that you believe in and support the mission. Donate your time to an organization you feel strongly about. Invite a friend or family over for dinner, coffee, or the weekend. Join a team or exercise group. Play a sport or learn a new task that involves working with other people. Play a board game or cards without technology to connect with others.

Spiritual – Am I confident in my beliefs and practices? Do I feel comfortable defending my values, beliefs, and morals so that what others believe, say, or do does not destroy my inner peace and hope?

  • Suggestions: help other people through compassion and empathy, donate, meditate, attend a spiritual meeting or gathering that aligns with your beliefs, read books, research or journals that align with your beliefs, meditate or other self-healing that allows you to feel stress free, calm, and ready to accept a self-love approach to your own beliefs, practices, and morals that come from a place of hope and your core value beliefs.

Emotional – Am I aware of my feelings? Why am I mad? What is at the root of my anger? Stress? Happiness? Do we know what makes us happy and if we DO know, are we doing it? Are those around us controlling our own emotions? Do we, in all honesty, have control over our emotions? If so, are we content with the emotions? Do I have the ability to pause, reflect, and approach every emotion from anger—disappointment— resentment— acceptance— happiness— fear— and break it down to the core value and find self-love within myself, my thinking, and my emotional responses?

  • Suggestions: meditate, talk to a coach or therapist, visit with friends or family that are uplifting and encouraging, blog, journal entries, take bath, Yoga, Reiki, incense or aromatherapy, sleep, express your feelings but from a tone and place of self-care and wellness rather than hidden meaning or reactions such as anger, resentment or fear.

As a coach who values PEACE, I try to do a “values” check periodically throughout the day. I ask myself if I do this… if I respond… if I accept… if I deny… if I pursue this… is it from a place of self-love and self-care? If I question that, I decide how I can approach it from a place of self-love, self-care, and how would that look? How would that feel? How would I begin

Once I do that— I can start each day, even each hour, over! If we fall off track from our resolution of self-care commitment today, we can start over that minute, hour, next day. Time does not define our goals and desire to live a happy, positive, fulfilling life— we do.

Today, and every day, I can start over! Today, and every day, I commit to practicing self-care and self-love every day because I want to be able to readily give myself to others, ensure everything I do is from a place that is genuine and caring, and I want to make sure I am giving that same attention, love, respect, and devotion that I give so freely to other people, to myself as well.


Kristen Mercurio is a certified teacher, life, and wellness coach, Reiki practitioner, relationship and family coach, small business and goal-setting coach with Teacup Wellness.

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