Teacup’s Greater Good Initiative

As a social wellness enterprise, we have developed a simple gifting program which provides everyone with an opportunity to give to the greater good.

With these gifts, Teacup can provide wellness coaching services to people coming from all economic backgrounds.

Your generous Teacup Greater Good Gift will be shared as follows…

  • 75% helps enable our expert Teacup Coaches to provide wellness coaching services to people in need
  • 25% goes to help Teacup build and grow and continue to give back to others

Please keep an eye on this spot for information about our pending nonprofit Teacup Foundation.


Teacup’s Coach Gifting Program

At Teacup Wellness, we believe that everyone should have an opportunity to benefit from the value of working with an expert wellness coach, regardless of income or financial status.

To reach more people, many of our coaches are offering Intro to Wellness sessions beginning at $35.

You can learn more about our Coach Gifting Program here.

Thank you in advance for your generous spirit. You really are an awesome person. Your parents would be proud.


Give to the Greater Good