Lions, Mindfulness & Journals

Lions, Mindfulness & Journals

The lion sleeps tonight

Nothing exciting happened yesterday. I’m almost 60 years old — I celebrate days where nothing happens. Slipping into a state of nothing to talk about. Sweet oblivion. Is having something to talk about a measure of the success or failure of a day — as if it could be that black and white? How do I judge the day at the end? Is judging a day even appropriate?

I like to think that I care about my health. “I like to think” is says a lot about my lack of commitment. I DO CARE about my health. There’s a “but”, do you hear the “but”? But I don’t act like I care sometimes. In a each day, hour, minute of deciding I often say “F it!” and gain another pound, “F it!” and skip my bike ride, “F it!” and skip my weight training.

priorities twitters

In this moment, I am writing on these pages and that’s my first step to a “successful” day. Today success is measured by how much care is given to the only body and mind we get.


Priorities shift and making decisions simpler is a driving force in my life at this age. Its way easier to get overwhelmed by having too much to do or think about. What to do first? Never mind, I’ll eat chips and watch TV.

Let’s talk about a day in the life of a lion. In the heat of the African sun, lions rest. When the air cools, they awake with ferocious energy and get food or mate, or both.When Lions are resting, they aren’t thinking about the need to go hunt. When they hunt, they aren’t thinking about the need to rest.

Human brains are different than lions but the point is: lions have clear priorities. Actually, in each moment a lion has one priority.

Having one priority in one moment makes deciding how to act as simple as it can possibly be. Read about lions and their priorities in Cathedral of the Wild by Boyd Varty.


I’m inspired to write every day after reading Daily Rituals: How Artists Work by Mason Currey. At this moment, right now I’m writing in my journal instead of acting on the 6 other tasks whispering:

• clean house

• strength training

• bike ride

• write blog

• work on my portfolio website

Ok, there’s only 5. This is how writing works: If the whispers become too loud to continue on with your journal today, write them down and come back to the page.

Now. Act. Go. Simple.

Roxie Speer is an entrepreneur, a Certified Master NLP Coach, Teacup Wellness coach, artist and visionary with boundless energy.


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