Liquid Taco Saved Me During Surgery Prep

Liquid Taco Saved Me During Surgery Prep

Over 6 years ago, my health took a turn for the worse. Doctors prescribed medications, referred me to specialists, and my health went from fabulous, questionable, to horrible.

Prior to being diagnosed with health conditions, I was active and worked out two hours a day, ate very healthy, and my health was optimal. After a very stressful and traumatic event, the stress put my body on fight or flight mode for far too long!

When traditional medications were not helping and my health issues seemed to get worse, not better, I looked for other options. I found holistic medicine, functional medicine, research-based, and Chinese medicine.

Unlike conventional medicine, the intent was to heal internally, find the root cause of each issue, and avoid taking ANY medication. While the idea sounded great, I was so nervous about all the changes:

  • No gluten
  • No dairy
  • No refined sugar
  • No latex (latex allergy and some foods are problematic for individuals with a latex allergy)
  • Only cook with coconut oil or olive oil
  • Apple Cider Vinegar (I do many things with this—Look for future blogs!)

I made these changes and within a week I could notice a significant difference. I added supplements, eliminated a few other items by choice, and within two months all of my blood work seemed to be improving. Recently, blood work has come back as if nothing was ever the matter!

Even though my bloodwork and health are better than before, conventional doctors want to make sure damage was not done internally and are still looking for answers as to why I was previously so ill they discussed “disability” and diagnoses that increasingly worsens but instead….

My bloodwork is fabulous, my thyroid (which was previously not working) is functioning normally, Lupus inflammation and flares are far less frequent or drastic, I have not had a cold /flu in over 2 years, my skin is clear, I have energy (and I don’t even drink 3 pots of coffee anymore!) … and I don’t take any medication, I am not confined to my bed/home anymore, and my days aren’t filled with medical health questions that have no answers!

My first colonoscopy was today! Doctors were afraid damage could have been done internally from the stress induced IBS and ongoing issues from stress. Due to other stress-related issues, the doctors also wanted to do an Upper GI. Two procedures at once—lucky me!

My advice:

  • Start early!
  • Start the day before.
  • Eat light the entire week!
  • I took 2 Laxatives at 3 am the morning before, another 2 at 10 am (as directed by doctors)
  • I took the powdered over-the-counter recommended bottle that is mixed with 64 oz at 4 pm and was given 4 hours to drink it (this was EXTREMELY difficult!) I would suggest starting before 4 pm! Drink plenty of fluids.
  • Whatever liquid you add this to, you may never want to drink again so choose wisely! I personally do not drink soda nor like it but Sprite/7-up worked best for me.
  • I also added small amounts to my cups of Beef Broth and this made it much easier!
  • Have a variety of liquids on hand (no red, blue, purple, or dark dye)
  • Stay at home or close to the bathroom, do not overdo it because you have minimal calories and need to reserve your energy. Try to add the powder to Gatorade if possible because you will need the electrolytes.
  • No spicy foods, make sure you have TASTY liquids/items in the house because you will be hungry!

If you are nervous and feel lost or have questions, feel free to contact me! I felt like I had nobody to consult and waited for doctors/nurses to call and asked them tons of questions. The minute I hung up the phone, I would think of a million other questions! The internet was a scary place to look!

I may never drink sweet tea or Sprite/7-up again, but I will DEFINITELY make this broth recipe again soon! It was like a liquid version of a taco! The cilantro and garlic (even a small piece of lime) made my day go by a little faster!

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