Wellness Coaching Services

Personal Wellness Coaching helps you reach your goals by engaging with a certified wellness coach to target your specific needs and concerns.

Social Coaching Groups are a wonderful way to gain insights from the experiences of others, while also benefiting from the guidance of a certified wellness coach.

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Enterprise Wellness Programs

Teacup Wellness provides on-site group wellness coaching and workshops, with topics such as stress reduction, mindfulness, weight management, and creating healthier lifestyles.

We can help your organization establish a custom wellness program that addresses the unique needs of the people within your enterprise.

If you have an existing wellness program and are wondering if it is meeting its stated objectives, we can work with you to establish and measure agreed-upon KPIs (key performance indicators).

You will also have the option of converting select members of our talent team into full-time or part-time employees of your organization’s wellness practice.

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Wellness UX – Business Enablement Optimization

Employee satisfaction and efficiency depend upon providing them with optimized tools that don’t waste time or create frustration.

Rather than having your enterprise work tools contribute to burnout and increased turnover, your team can spend more time on what matters most to your customers and stakeholders.

Using established best practices, we measure the effectiveness of your business enablement tools such as intranets and collaboration solutions.

Our creative team then works with your stakeholders to plan and design improved experiences while staying within budget and timing parameters.

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