We often shared wellness-related stories and ideas with each other as we learned how to become the stronger, healthier women we knew we could be.

Hello. This is Anne Mitchell, founder of Teacup Wellness (I’m the short one).

I wanted to share the story about how my good friend Roxie Speer and I came to collaborate on the creation of this cool little company, Teacup Wellness, which is still very much in its nascent phase.


Our shared backgrounds

Roxie and I have been close friends and business colleagues since we first started working together at a high-pressure Denver advertising agency back in 1994.

We quickly learned that we shared many common traits and experiences, and we uncovered even more parallels as the years went by.

  • We share the same birthday, one year apart (Dec 30th)
  • We were best drinking buddies until we learned that sobriety offers us more promise for living healthier and more joyful lives
  • We went on cigarette breaks together until we each learned how to walk away from that crippling addiction
  • We were each survivors of traumatic experiences from when we were younger (likely the genesis of our destructive self-medication years)
  • We are both recovering Type A workaholics
  • We are tree-hugging liberals who also understand the need for accountability in how we share our collective resources

Our careers developed along similar lines as well, having evolved from being advertising designers and production artists who used Rapidographs and X-Acto knives, to becoming devoted Macintosh users of tools like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

As more of our design work moved to online environments, we each became passionate about this thing called usability, and so we got trained and certified as user experience analysts and designers.

As busy working mothers, our priorities were always focused on our families and our jobs, with little time left for self-care. Our Type A personalities virtually ensured that we were often tied to our desks as much as we were devoted to the needs of our families.

The only area that seemed at all flexible was in how much time we spent on ourselves. In fact, it seemed selfish to take time away from our jobs and families for something as seemingly frivolous as self-care.

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Our profiles below tell a little more about our individual backgrounds.

Anne Mitchell | Founder of Teacup Wellness, Certified Health Coach

Anne is passionate about helping people learn healthier ways of living, through stress reduction, smart food choices, and building stronger connections with our bodies, nature, and each other.

An experienced health coach with a focus on addiction support and stress management, Anne is certified by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where she studied with top nutrition experts from around the world.

Anne is also a certified UX designer with leadership and hands-on expertise in user experience strategy, journey mapping, usability studies, and agile interactive design.

When not traveling to help get the word out about our growing enterprise, Anne lives in a Colorado mountain paradise with her white golden retriever, Bodhi.

Please see LinkedIn for more info on Anne’s background.

Roxie Speer | Chief Creative Officer

Roxie Speer is an entrepreneur, a Certified Master NLP Coach, artist and visionary with boundless energy.

Passionate about the mind-body-spirit connection, Roxie followed a calling to help others with their wellness journey. She is on a mission to help people to find their most vibrant health.

As the co-founder and Teacup Wellness creative and marketing guru, Roxie has a vision for serving a global community of wellness coaches and their clients – guiding them to discover their greatest potential.

Roxie’s certifications include NLP Master Practitioner, Nielsen Norman Group User Experience, HOW and AIGA design, Franklin Covey and AMA Leadership.

Roxie lives in Golden, Colorado. When not working you’ll find her fly fishing at a nearby stream or riding her bike on the many trails near her home.

Please see LinkedIn for more info on Roxie’s background.