Please Tell Me What I Want

Please Tell Me What I Want

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“How can I help you?” We hear it all the time.

When walking into Best Buy do you typically know what you’re shopping for – or do you wander through the store hoping that what you need will jump off the shelf into your hands? Pretty sure I’ve never walked into Best Buy and asked one of the geeks: “Can you tell me what I want, because I really don’t know?”

You’re shopping for a wellness or life coach because you need guidance. The first step on this journey is to write out what you want and why. Be specific. Watch our video so you know what to expect. Read about the coaches in our community. Some of our coaches offer free or very low cost intro sessions. Do your homework before you make an appointment.

Nobody makes significant, sustainable changes like weight loss, getting in shape or finding a better job without a clear and specific, written outcome. The goal doesn’t even have to be reasonable. If you want, REALLY want to lose 100 pounds in 90 days, write that down. The “why” of this desire is possibly more important than the goal itself.

  • I want to fit into my jeans from high school
  • My blood pressure is 156 over 98, my doctor wants to put me on medication
  • I want to bend down and tie my shoes or hug my child without gasping for air

You may have read my story about drinking. I drank to excess for 40 years. I finally decided that I was done. My reason to quit was my grandchildren, I’d driven with my kids while drunk along with a myriad of other dangerous decisions and couldn’t imagine doing those kinds of behaviors with my children’s babies. I couldn’t have gotten through the first three months of sobriety without my coach. She  gave me the tools to change. Gratefully, I’m four years sober today.

My reason for writing this letter to you is to compassionately stop you from wasting your time, money and effort on a coach if you aren’t ready to change. Writing down why you want to change will help you discover if you’re serious.

You’ll know it in your gut if this is a commitment or a whim. The answer is in your abdomen. Trust your gut. Our belly communicates the instinctual messages of your gut brain. Listen. Consider. Act.

If you really don’t know what you want when you walk into Best Buy, ask your gut. Your gut will probably say “get the heck out of there and save your money until you know what you want!”

Roxie Speer is an entrepreneur, a Certified Master NLP Coach, Teacup Wellness coach, artist and visionary with boundless energy.

  • Anne Mitchell
    Posted at 11:36h, 14 July Reply

    your insights are so on point – thank you for sharing and congratulations on celebrating another year of sobriety!

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