Small Changes, Big Impacts: Tip 2 – COCONUTS!

Small Changes, Big Impacts: Tip 2 – COCONUTS!

I have decided to blog a Small Change, Big Impact tip of the week! My previous blog highlighted a few of the reasons I swear by apple cider vinegar. Friends, family, and clients are always asking me to write an e-book or steps to a healthy living guidebook, based on holistic or functional medicine approaches.

I am not a doctor. I have researched, discussed, and practiced making dietary and lifestyle changes for my own health and overall wellbeing.

Aside from adding ACV to my daily routine, COCONUTS are staple products used in my home these days!

Why I personally use coconut oil:

  • Heart health- family issues with heart problems and the strong desire to replace vegetable oil or canola oil with a healthier alternative
  • Gall Bladder/ Pancreas- My gallbladder was removed almost 15 years ago. I try to avoid greasy or fatty foods as much as possible and coconut oil is far easier for the body to handle than other alternatives.
  • Helps boost energy/ metabolism/ thyroid health- I was told my thyroid stopped functioning 2 years ago and was told to take thyroid meds that I would need the rest of my life. Today, only healthy foods with these added changes and my thyroid functions fine on its own.
  • Stomach- To help digest foods, eliminate constipation and bloating, but also help cleanse the body of leaky gut and candida (other items are needed for this but coconut oil helps significantly) Not only that, I was previously diagnosed with IBS and prescribed medication. I took the medication for 2 years and no longer need it due to dietary changes!
  • Improve skin- softer, less allergic reactions, healthier
  • Improve hair – softer, less breakage, healthier
  • Teeth- oil pulling, reduce bacteria, improve gum health
  • Build and retain muscle, remove excess body fat
  • Muscle inflammation and Lupus flares- Since making changes to my diet, including adding coconut products, my Lupus flares are almost non-existent. I was previously diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and suffered a great deal with pain in my joints, muscles, and an overall aching that just never went away and progressed to a point I would sit in hot bath water 3-4x per day. Coconut oil is known to help inflammation both internally and externally.

Some ideas to add coconut to your daily routine— Try it for ONE MONTH, tell me what you think!

  • Throw away all other oils aside from virgin coconut oil, organic refined coconut oil, or extra virgin olive oil. If you don’t have these, they are well worth the investment.
  • Use it on your skin to replace your lotion or moisturizer
  • Pick 2 days or 3 days out of the week, read about, learn about, and try OIL PULLING
  • Use only coconut oil to cook with— grease your pans, add to recipes, saute veggies, use it as you would other oils or butter
  • Just once, try pumpkin spice gluten free waffles (Nature’s Own) they sell them at some Targets and also at Kroger. Publix may/may not have them but they will order them at customer’s request! Cook them in the microwave, 2 minutes. Top with small amount of coconut oil (it will melt when they are hot) and a small amount of gluten-free peanut butter (if you aren’t allergic) This combo should be a diet no-no… but when you need a sweet fix and you are gluten, dairy, latex, and refined sugar-free for the most part— This is like heaven in your mouth!
  • Use it in your hair! Take a small amount in your hands, rub hands together and put directly on your hair. You don’t have to do this every day, even 2-3 times per week works great. It works as a detangler as well so that is an added bonus!
  • Use it as your new favorite condiment, topping, or base for smoothies. As I stated above, I use it on waffles just like butter! Gluten-free waffles, of course. But I also add a spoon or two to my smoothies or protein shakes, add it to potatoes, popcorn, veggies, and just about everything!

There are many other amazing uses for coconuts, coconut oil, coconut milk, and I could go on! Try a few of these suggestions and let me know what you think. Share some of your ideas, daily coconut uses, or share your progress with me when you replace the old with the NEW!

Check back next week for another Small Change, Big Impact tip!


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