Teacup Goes Live!

Teacup Goes Live!

Hello world.

After months of effort (and not a little tea and coffee), we finally announced that our fledgling wellness company went live yesterday, on International Women’s Day.

We decided to coincide our launch with International Women’s Day because we believe in the power of women joining together to effect positive social change. Roxie and I could not have created this little business without each other – we feel that together we are on fire with our female power.

We created Teacup Wellness because we believe that while health and wellness coaches can each do amazing things individually, we can have an even greater influence if we come together to pool our talents and services.

Our mission is to make it simple for clients to learn about and tap into our remote community of wellness coaches across a broad spectrum of specialties, using our integrated online solutions.

Our goal is to become known for delighting both our coaches and our customers with our holistic Teacup Wellness experience.

We have already seen tremendous interest from hundreds of health coaches who want to join our team, and we plan to rapidly on-board them as we grow our capabilities and reach.

We will be posting regularly to our blogs as soon as we can catch our breath after the marathon we were just on to get to yesterday’s finish line.

Be well.

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