Teacup Wellness Retreats on Airbnb Experiences

Teacup Wellness Retreats on Airbnb Experiences

We are excited to announce that our new Teacup Wellness Retreat series has been accepted by Airbnb Experiences.

Teacups’s first all-day retreats will be held at Anne Mitchell’s cabin property in Hartsel, Colorado, starting this Friday, Sept 14.

Each retreat is focused on wellness topics such as feminine power, self-care, stress reduction, family health, and re-connecting with nature.

Our guests will be greeted with a warm brew of coffee or tea, plus spa water with cucumbers and oranges. Then they can wander the beautiful property until our program begins at 10:00 am.

Our primary goal for hosting these retreats is to build awareness for our coaches, who will be featured via video during the coaching programs throughout the day.

Learn more and book here: Teacup Wellness Retreat

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