The Power of Pain Series: Intro

The Power of Pain Series: Intro

Naturally, our bodies take the path of least resistance. If muscles have become imbalanced causing an associated joint to function inadequately, our bodies will innately compensate to evade pain.

When this transpires, we have two choices: ignore it and hope for the best until it poses an even greater problem, or accept that there is a problem, endure the pain to fix it, and learn from it.

In a lot of ways, we function this way mentally as well.

  • Have you ever changed your personality to fit the environment you were in or the people you were around?
  • Have you ever stopped pursuing your dreams out of fear of rejection, failure, or what others would think?
  • Have you made life choices that were what other people wanted but you didn’t?
  • Have you ever had an ego so big that it has blinded you to the truth?
  • Have you ever lied in order to avoid hurting someone?
  • Have you ever avoided speaking up on an issue affecting you at work?
  • Have you ever avoided telling a loved one something that has been on your mind out of fear of how they will respond?

These are deep-rooted tactics we all have used to elude pain. And the problem with these quick-fix responses is that it never fixes the deep, underlying problem.

Whether the problem is that you are scared of being yourself out of fear of rejection, you are scared to pursue your dreams out of fear of failure, or you make decisions based on what others want instead of what you want out of fear of hurting those people, you aren’t doing yourself or anyone else any favors because you are robbing yourself and this world of your authentic, true self.

So, why do we do this?

Why is it so hard for us to just accept the pain and respond positively to fix it instead of making it worse by avoiding it?

Well, there is a simple answer: it disrupts our happiness. It places an imbalance in our mind, where it was once at equilibrium.

Comfort zones are very real for us, and it is exceptionally hard for us to compromise our happiness to endure pain, but what we must understand is that enduring pain will allow us to become happier and stronger than we were before.

Whatever is currently causing you pain in your life, don’t compensate for it: face it.

Don’t tirelessly think of the ways to get around it. Go. Through. It.

Don’t let it snowball into something more.

Acknowledge it. Embrace it.

Let it challenge you.

Check back in next week as we divulge more about different topics that cause pain, and the potential growth that can be gained from them!


Sidney Bitterle is a certified personal trainer with Teacup Wellness, specializing in fitness and weight loss. Sidney can help you overcome your personal obstacles and reach your wellness and fitness goals.

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