The Power of Words

The Power of Words

Word Power

Changing Your Words to Change Your Perspective

This week we’re contemplating the energy conveyed through words. Experiment with using unique, powerful words and add strength and confidence to your communication.

Here is a list of commonly used words and some variations you can use to create a different vibe, feeling or energy around what you are discussing. Increasing your vocabulary will help you become more creative with your conversations as well as getting to the root of your true feelings for what you are discussing.

Instead of Good use: Great, grand, excellent, amazing, superb, splendid, wonderful, marvelous, pleasant, terrific, superior or delightful.

Instead of Bad use: Wicked, brutal, despicable, nasty, vile, dreadful, sinister, abhorrent, atrocious, obscene, terrible or evil.

Instead of Sad use: Unhappy, sorrowful, mournful, miserable, crest fallen, gloomy, dejected, melancholy, down, depressed or woeful.

Instead of Happy use: Glad, elated, merry, contented, pleased, jubilant, thrilled, cheerful, delighted, jolly, jovial or glad.

Instead of Said use: Called, cried, shouted, whispered, responded, demanded, remarked, questioned, asked, replied, stated or exclaimed.

Instead of Saw use: Glimpsed, stared at, watched, glanced at, eyed, observed, sighted, spotted, examined or noticed.

Paulette Fara, Teacup Wellness Coach and Art of Feminine PresenceĀ® Licensed Teacher, Certified Corporate Worksite Wellness Specialist & Program Manager, Corporate Stress Management Health Coach, Certified Stress Reduction, Relaxation and Meditation Instructor

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