Western Medicine vs. Spice Cabinet

Western Medicine vs. Spice Cabinet

Spice vs Western Medicine

I knew I was on to something when I cured my boyfriend’s staph infection with few spices from the pantry, essential oils, and honey. The stakes were high. We had to choose between western medicine and our own devices. You would think the solution was obvious. Just wait till you read what happened…

This infection in Cameron’s (boyfriend) knee was a reoccurring nightmare. The first time it showed its ugly face was a year prior, and it almost sent him to the emergency room. He went to see a doctor after a zit just beneath his kneecap had swelled to the point of no longer being able to distinguish the knee cap from the rest of the leg. The doc immediately put him on antibiotics. But they didn’t seem to be working.

Two days later Cameron had a fever of 101. The red swelling had spread from the general knee area toward his groin and feet. More antibiotic drugs were then prescribed along with a strict order to check in immediately to the ER if things did not improve within 12 hours.

I was scared out of my mind for Cameron. I watched him fall in and out of a painful sleep, sick from the drugs, and prayed that he would be okay. He finally did come around after many days of rest and drug therapy. I thought we would never have to face this experience again, but unfortunately, I was wrong.

Soon after all this went down, I began my studies at MSU Denver in Alternative and Integrative Healthcare. There I learned about the growing issue of antibiotic resistance and basically came to my own conclusion of what happened with Cam’s staph infection. The ineffectiveness of that first round of antibiotics and the necessity to use a higher dose, in greater strength, to finally fight the staph was a sure sign of resistance. This meant that if the infection ever came around again, it would be even harder to fight.

I’ll never forget the grave look on Cameron’s face when he came home from work the day the infection came back. He lifted his pant leg to reveal a swollen knee and an inflamed bump in the exact same spot. My heart dropped into my stomach.  I could tell he was scared too.

With little time to spare, now came the choice between calling the doctor or figuring out another route. I asked Cameron to trust me on this one. The traditional route obviously a temporary fix, and possibly a dangerous one at that. I wanted to try natural medicine. So, I grabbed my mortar and pestle and turned to my kitchen where all the medicine I needed lived.

The end product was a poultice consisting of herbs and spices; turmeric, yarrow, raw honey, and tea tree. Cameron patiently watched me apply the sticky green medicine to his knee, gently tapping it onto the rep bump, little bits a time. To keep the poultice in place I used an ace bandage and asked him to rest.

When I think back to this whole thing I can’t help but feel endearing love for my sweet man. He was such a great participant through it all. Not only was he willing to trust my own intuition, he made for a fantastic participant as I threw every immune defense technique I had at him, including garlic tea and reiki.

We were happy to find the swelling and redness decreased by that morning but were still weary of the aggressive comeback from the previous battle. The improvement was good enough for us to continue the natural approach, holding off the doctor’s visit for at least another day. And so, it went. I re-applied the poultice every night for the 3 days. We watched the bump recede into nothing. It was a magical victory.

Three years have passed since. I don’t think Cameron’s infection is ever coming back. Being a believer in integrative medicine (the combo of Western and alternative therapies), this was a perfect study comparing two very different approaches. Staph is in no way something to take lightly. Antibiotics are incredible life savers. But what happens when the drugs we look to become a band-aid instead of a solution, inevitably compounding the issue?

This is just one of many accounts of how the medicinal properties within my spice cabinet have healed and saved us from a doctor’s visit.  What’s your story?

Stay tuned for more healing.

-Hollie Conger, HWC

Hollie Conger is a Certified Health and Wellness Coach, with Teacup Wellness.


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